Relevant reports

Here you find several technical and internal reports (bachelor-, master- and phd-thesises), mostly unpublished. These may contain further but mostly technical information on the EIRENE-code as well as some material on related activities such as coupling of EIRENE to macroscopic (CDF) fluid solvers.

How everything got started: Thesis by Detlev Reiter:
Randschicht-Konfiguration von Tokamaks: Entwicklung und Anwendung stochastischer Modelle zur Beschreibung des Neutralgastransports, Juel-1947
(1984)  (in german)
(NAURORA became EIRENE in 1985)

D. Reiter

Correlation sampling in coupled fluid-Monte Carlo code
SOLXY-EIRENE, correlation sampling, Contr. Plas. Phys. (1988)

H. Gerhauser, A. Claassen, D. Reiter

A Multi-Fluid Code for Simulation of the Edge Plasma in Tokamaks. Report on NET Contract 142/83-11/FU-NL/NET. Description on the original B2 code (1992)

B. J. Braams

How the B2 code was linked to EIRENE
Progress in two-dimensional plasma edge modelling (1992)

D. Reiter

The interface between B2 and EIRENE: "short cycle",

G. Maddison, D. Reiter

How the B2-Code was extended to drifts and currents:
Thesis by Martine Baelmans:
Code improvements and applications of a two-dimensional edge plasma model for toroidal fusion devices, Juel 2891
(B2-EIRENE became SOLPS around 1995)

M. Baelmans

TRIA -A generator for a locally refined triangular mesh (2004)

B. Küppers, P. Börner, D. Reiter

Coupling Monte-Carlo - Fluid (2005)

P. Börner, Diploma-Thesis, Fernuniversität Hagen

ITC project report 2005/6: EDGE2D-EIRENE coupling at JET

S. Wiesen

PSI 2006

D. Reiter et al., poster

3D-EIRENE for TJ-II stellarator
geometry talk
H-Alpha emission
CX calculations for TJ-II
Eirene user manual for Ciemat

J. Guasp

HYDKIN, ILDM, Juel-4229

Dauwe,Tytgadt, Reiter et al.
(Master-Thesis KUL)

EMC3-Eirene Impurities

H. Frerichs, Diploma-Thesis, RWTH-Aachen

B2-Eirene for ITER, Juel-4257 (2007)

V. Kotov, D. Reiter, A. Kukushkin

Modication of EIRENE neutral particle Monte Carlo
Code for improved Computing performance and application to ITER Edge Plasma Modelling:
Final Report on Contract FU07-CT-2007-00007


V. Kotov, P. Börner, D. Reiter

ITC project report 2008: JINTRAC at JET, ASCOT-EIRENE coupling

S. Wiesen

3-dimensionale Plasmarandschicht-Simulationen in unvollständig ergodisierten Magnetfeldern (2008)
Attention: filesize 37 MB !

D. M. Harting, Dissertation,
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Sub- and isoparametric elements for EIRENE (2008)

D. Garre, Bachelor Thesis

”Most probable pathes” - Analyse an plasma-chemischen Modellen

O. Schmidt, Bachelor Thesis

Parametrisierung hochdimensionaler Verteilungen für Monte Carlo

E. Schmidt, Bachelor Thesis

ITC project report 2009: upgrade EDGE2D-EIRENE-Parallel

S. Wiesen

B2-B2.5 Code Benchmarking, Juel-4337  (2011)

W. Dekeyser, S. Voskoboynikov et al.

Intermediate report on the ITER service contract
C4T/09/71/OLT CHD/DIAGNOSTIC: “Study on effective
fluxes to the first mirror which face the plasma directly"


V. Kotov, D. Reiter

Bewertung und Implementierung von optimierten Raytracing-Algorithmen in BREP-basierten Monte Carlo Transport Codes, Juel-4360

O.Schmidt, D. Reiter, P. Börner

B2-B2.5 Code Benchmarking, Part III: Convergence issues of the B2-EIRENE code. Report Jül-4371 (2014)

V. Kotov, D. Reiter

Sensitivitätsanalyse an zeitlich instationären linearen Systemen:   Propagation von Unsicherheiten in plasmachemischen Modellen

M. Vaassen, Bachelor Thesis