Name Role Joined the project
Dmitriy BorodinPrincipal investigator, researcher, developer2020
Petra BörnerEIRENE developerSince the EIRENE foundation
Derek HartingERIENE developer, EMC3-EIRENE developer, kinetic ions
Bettina KüppersWebmaster, A&M data1991
Sven WiesenEIRENE developer, SOLPS-ITER deleveloper and FZJ ITER fellow, photon transport

The EIRENE‐NGM development is supported through the EUROfusion TSVV‐5 [Borodin22] task “Neutral gas dynamics in the edge” (part of the E‐TASC) project [Litaudon22].

Name Role
Detlev ReiterMain founder and initial developer
Ratko JanevMain provider of the atomic and molecular data
Martine BaelmansOne of the main founders who has largely contributed to the B2 interface
Thornton GreenlandFormulation of the CRM approach used in EIRENE, contributor to data collections
Petra BörnerMain maintainer and developer of the code for over than 3 first decades