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The Monte Carlo Method: an Introduction

D. Reiter

The Monte Carlo Method for Particle Transport Problems

D. Reiter

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IAEA/ITAMP workshop, Cambridge (MA) July 2014

D. Reiter et al., Abstract

PSI 2014 Linear device modelling with B2-EIRENE

D. Reiter et al., talk

EPS 2014 plenary invited: Basic molecular processes in fusion plasmas

D. Reiter, Abstract

...which had been held at different locations (in revision)

Einführung in die Plasmaphysik by D. Reiter (Introduction to Plasmaphysics in german), originally held at the University of Düsseldorf (Germany) as introductory course to plasmaphysics. The lecture is divided into 5 parts, PDF-format:

  • Grundlagen
  • Stossprozesse im Plasma
    (Collision processes in plasmas)
  • Einzelteilchenbewegung in externen E- und B-Feldern
    (Single particle movement in external E- and B-fields)
  • Kinetische Beschreibung von Plasmen
    (Kinetic description of plasmas)
  • Das Plasma als Flüssigkeit, Diffusion in Plasmen
    (The plasma as a fluid, plasma diffusion)